Support New India is organizing a consular camp with the cooperation of Indian Embassy and Consulate General of India in Washington DC with Vadtal Dham Swaminarayan Temple and local organizations in South and North Carolina – The Indian Panorama

Left to Right: Row 1 – Jitender Kumar-Consulate Staff, Hon. Rajiv Ahuja-Consular, Gautam Patel-President, Support New India, Pankaj Kumar-Consular Staff and Nimish Bhatt-Board of Director-North Carolina Chapter of Support New India. (Back row: VFS officials and staff)
Consular staff assist visitors.

EDISON, NJ (TIP): More than 250 people benefited from the Consular Service Camp organized by Support New India, a non-profit organization; The Embassy and Consulate General of India in Washington DC, Vadtal Dham Swaminarayan Temple and local organizations in South and North Carolina organized a successful camp for OIC, visa, passport and visa renewals. many other consular services on site on July 30, 2022:

A visionary public servant, community activist and selfless leader from North Carolina in the United States, hosted a Consular Service Camp on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at Vadtal Dham Swaminarayan Temple in Mathews, North Carolina.

The consular service camp in conjunction with the Indian Embassy and Consulate General of India in Washington DC with the assistance of local organizations in South and North Carolina brought together over 250 pre-registered individuals. After a few years of delayed service due to a pandemic, this was a wonderful attempt and effort by Support New India to benefit the Indian Diaspora which is growing in size and diversity in the Carolinas. Services such as OCI, Visa, Attestation, Waiver, Passport Renewal and Power of Attorney are difficult for normal people to understand and the application process becomes a logistical nightmare in some cases. All these services were provided onsite by the Consulate staff including Consular Mr. Rajiv Ahuja and other staff who were praised by the participants and local organizers.

Support New India was established in 2019 and its unique mission, objectives and goals are to focus on key groups such as women, youth, tourism and health services for the needy, clothing collection, NRI issues, education and disaster relief. The main objective of the foundation is to help the poor in rural and tribal areas in India where social, economic, basic health care and daily living needs are constant challenges due to affordability issues and scarcity of resources. A country like India with a population of over a billion people and so many logistical problems, it is not possible for the government to effectively reach out to every sector of special interest and initiatives like these can make a huge difference in bringing about positive change and a better life for people in rural and tribal areas of India, which can take India to the top of developed nations under the current administration.

The whole event was very well organized from early morning to evening and everyone who pre-registered received services that day. The team of dedicated volunteers under the leadership of Gautam Patel and fellow members Nimish Bhatt, Vimal Patel, Nimish Patel and Support New India Board of North and South Carolina along with local organizations have been working very hard to make this event a huge success. For more details on upcoming events and projects in India and the United States or to become a member of Support New India or for sponsorship of future events, please visit the organization’s website at www.supportnewindia .org and send an email [email protected]

(Press Release by Dr. Tushar Patel – On behalf of Support New India)


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