The Maltese Embassy in Libya will start accepting Schengen visa applications from July 24


The Maltese Embassy will start accepting visa applications in the city of Benghazi, Libya from July 24.

Such a decision was confirmed by Malta’s Ambassador to Libya, Charles Saliba, while emphasizing that applications will be handled by VFS Global, reports

In April, Saliba confirmed to the Libya Herald that the Maltese consulate had started accepting Schengen tourist visa applications through VFS Global in Tripoli.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Malta was also planning to open a visa office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, after suspending the issuing of visas to citizens of Malta for a period of three months, which led around 300 Bangladeshi workers faced delays when planning to travel to Malta, despite having employment opportunities from their employers in Malta.

Regarding the issue, the Bangladesh Ambassador to Greece who is currently in charge of Malta, Asud Ahmed, underlined that the embassy is trying to resolve this visa tangle, adding that soon the Maltese authorities will appoint their visa officers in Dhaka. .

Furthermore, Maltese Awami League President Moshiar Rahman added that “Many complications arose due to the non-issuance of visas by the Malta High Commission in India. As far as I know Malta visa issue will start from Bangladesh next month.

In addition, Maltese authorities also announced that the country has opened its consulate in Tripoli, accepting tourist applications, after remaining temporarily closed.

The Maltese authorities have also confirmed that in addition to tourist visas, medical, business and education visas are also eligible.

At the time, Ambassador Saliba also announced that visas would soon be issued from another city in Libya, Benghazi.

Furthermore, Saliba stressed that the country will support Libya even under the current circumstances.

“This was only possible thanks to a collective effort with the Consul of Malta, Mr. Sandro Magro, and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs”, underlined the ambassador.

Separately, another European country, Italy, also started granting visas in June, as reported by the Libya Herald.

Italian authorities have confirmed that the Italian Consulate General in Benghazi has also started granting visas to Libyan citizens planning to enter Italy.

The Benghazi consulate opened its doors earlier this month, on July 5, under the leadership of Carlo Batori.

Like other European countries, the authorities of Malta have also temporarily suspended the issuance of visas due to the situation caused by the Coronavirus situation; however, the country has started to reopen them after confirming that the epidemiological situation allows such a decision.


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