The Philippine Embassy has opened its gateway to students for visa interviews following the efforts of Dr. David K ​​Pillai


Congratulations to all medical students associated with KINGS and Transworld

President, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA)

All the best my dear students applying for Philippines visa

Good news for all medical students associated with Kings and Transworld. The Philippine Embassy has opened its gateway to students for visa interviews.

Congratulations to all medical students and all the best for your medical studies @ DMSF”

— Dr. David K ​​Pillai, President

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, May 17, 2022 / — The Philippine Embassy has opened its gateway to students for visa interviews following the efforts of Dr. David K ​​Pillai

Good news for all medical students and their parents associated with Kings International Medical Academy and Transworld Educare. The Philippine Embassy has opened its gateway to students for visa interviews. Kings International Medical Academy students who have applied for the visa to pursue their medical education in the Philippines will attend the visa interview process on 17.05.2022 at the Philippine Embassy, ​​Chennai.

Renowned educationalist Dr David K ​​Pillai successfully initiated the visa interview process for students. Dr. David k Pillai, an avid philanthropist, stayed there in the Philippines for months. After several in-depth meetings and discussions with representatives of CHED, DFA and government embassy officials, he made it possible for his beloved students. There is no doubt that Dr. David k Pillai is a man of courage.

Kings International Medical Academy is on cloud nine as KIMA medical students are the first to receive their visas to begin their new chapter in life. It is official that Kings International Medical Academy students are the first to register with the Higher Education Commission in the Philippines.
Dr. David K ​​Pillai, President of Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation, conducted an acclimatization program during the ZOOM meeting on May 15, 2022. During the meeting, zealously, Dr. David K ​​Pillai passionately spoke to the students about the importance of studying medicine. He listed that “education is essential for the progress of humanity. This will help the young aspirants gain immense knowledge and also provide quality healthcare services to the community. After all, a healthy society is one that walks towards success. The students were motivated by his excellent speech. Students and parents have been very grateful for the initiative taken by Dr. David K ​​Pillai in initiating the visa process for the same.

Many parents of students were delighted. A parent present at the meeting said, “After two years of waiting, it’s finally here! Our dreams, hopes and aspirations have finally come true. It’s official! Our children will soon be traveling to the Philippines to begin their medical training at the Davao Medical School Foundation! All the families here are excited for their children’s next trip. Thanks to passionate educator Dr David K ​​Pillai for his tireless initiative.”

According to renowned educationalist Dr. David K ​​Pillai, “Anyone who chooses to study at Davao Medical School Foundation will be lucky because the medical school has world-class facilities amidst lush greenery. These include air-conditioned classrooms, audio-visual equipment, state-of-the-art libraries, sports halls, playgrounds, indoor stadiums, halls and auditoriums, high-tech laboratory facilities and Wi-Fi access”.

The Davao Medical School Foundation is on cloud nine. The medical school has been certified and praised by all medical colleges in the Philippines. Since its inception, DMSF has worked hard to raise the standards of medical education in the country while providing excellent health care to the people.

After arriving in the Philippines, students will be provided with rooms in a temporary hostel. After a few months, they will move into new facilities. These include a restaurant, a swimming pool and a stylish canteen. Until then they will stay in the inn which has everything they need. Students will not be allowed to live outside the hostel.

Dr David K ​​Pillai said that “some students, unbeknownst to their parents, have been staying outside campus hostels. In the past, this has caused many problems for these students. As a result, government and embassy officials warned students to stay on campus while attending college. This was applauded by many parents as Dr. Pillai cared about the safety of their children.

Sending his message to students, Dr David K ​​Pillai said that “When you go for a visa interview, make sure you dress like a doctor. Avoid wearing jeans and t-shirts. Be confident, project a positive and confident image, and remain calm. When the officer asks you questions, listen carefully to the questions and give yourself a second to understand the question. Think before you come up with an appropriate answer. Congratulations to all students who will soon enter the Philippines”.

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