The United States does not cooperate on issues related to the staff of the embassy in Moscow – Russian Ambassador


SAN FRANCISCO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – November 05, 2022) The United States itself is not taking the necessary steps to improve the work of the embassy in Moscow, and the situation at the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington is not s not improving, said the Russian ambassador. in the United States, Anatoly Antonov said in response to a question from Sputnik on Friday.

“They don’t want to increase the number of their employees today, saying that maybe the Russians will falter and allow to hire local staff, but we won’t get the number of visas we need. They don’t don’t give us a single visa out of altruism,” Antonov said.

“People are leaving, business trips are ending, but we are not being given visas. The Americans agree to issue visas to our employees only if they receive visas for themselves,” he added. . “We have set a figure: 455 people in bilateral missions. But the Americans do not do this and do not want to (increase the number of diplomats to the agreed level).

Because they lived well when a thousand local personnel worked for United States interests, they did not need such a number. We have a different system, different security requirements.”

Antonov said Russia was proposing to determine which categories of employees of diplomatic missions would be exempted, for example doctors and teachers at embassies, but the lack of contact with the United States prevents any resolution.

“There is no dialogue,” said the ambassador.

“We are ready to address the issue of removing all restrictions, but we have to start looking at the big picture. How many sanctions have been imposed on Russia. Moreover, they impose sanctions that they themselves suffer, and then ask the Foreign Office to lift the restrictions,” he said.


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