The US consulate issues student visas; more slots in July


Hosting the sixth annual Student Visa Day, the US Consulate in Kolkata recently handed over around 75 passports with visas to students, while visa officers confirmed that those who have not yet applied need not panic as more slots will be available from July to the first semester. of August.

The consulate shared that according to May data, about 2,03,842 Indian students are studying in the United States. Indian students make up about 20% of the total international student population in the United States. Last summer, Mission India issued 62,000 student visas.

The popular question among visa recipients was what would happen if one had to return to one’s home country in the middle of one’s school career. The students were assured that this should not be a problem if the visa is still valid. To seek return assistance, they can approach the Indian Embassy and University authorities for guidance.

With many students yet to apply for visa slots, visa officer Eric Chu said not to panic as there will be more slots available from July to mid-August. Classes usually start in late August or early September. Commenting on whether students can stay after their course to seek employment, he said a student visa is usually valid for five years. For jobs, they need a separate visa.

To students, the United States Consul General in Kolkata, Melinda Pavek, said, “We place great importance on students because international student mobility is at the heart of diplomacy, innovation, prosperity and the national security of the United States. You act as a bridge between our two countries and just as I am sure you will learn from your American teachers and classmates. Americans will also surely learn from you.


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