These are the requirements for child visa procedures in the United States.


Thursday, September 1, 2022

When processing a U.S. minor or infant visa, the child receiving the visa is considered the applicant, even if the application is made by a parent or legal guardian.

How to obtain a visa for a minor to enter the United States? If you want to travel to a country in North America with your child, we will tell you what you will need and if it is necessary to attend a consular interview for a minor.

Please note that any foreign national wishing to enter the United States must first obtain a US visa, which is affixed to the passport.

In some cases, travelers may, if they meet the requirements of the US Visa Waiver Program, enter the country for a period of 90 days. If this is not your case, here we explain what you should do.

Do children need a visa to enter the United States?

All travelers, including minors, need a visa to enter the United States. The application process for a minor is the same as for an adult: complete the DS-160 application form, pay the visa fee ($160), make an appointment.

What are the conditions for applying for a child visa?

When processing a U.S. minor or infant visa, the applicant is considered the child who will receive the visa, whether the application is made by a parent or legal guardian. Must have the following requirements: Passport, with a remaining validity of at least 6 months beyond the estimated date of travel, Applicant must be between the ages of 0 and 14, Applicant must reside in the country from which they are applying Applicant’s parent or legal guardian must be legally resident in the country from which the application is made, at least one of the minor’s parents holds a valid US visa or is a US resident eligible to travel. This.

Do minors have to attend an appointment at an embassy to apply for a visa?

Minors under the age of 14 are not required to attend interview appointments, but a parent or legal guardian must be present. They must bring a photograph with a white background that meets the 2×2″ (50mm by 50mm) requirements. However, even if applicants meet any of these criteria, final notification of interview relaxation is given at the time of appointment.

Consular officials may request the presence of a minor if, for example, one of the parents is a legal resident of the United States or a citizen of the United States, the child is not eligible for the waiver program. interview and must attend a regular appointment. . What will happen .

People over 14 must be accompanied by their biological parents and/or legal guardians. They must present a legal identity document (passport, identity card, driving license).

What if the parents separate?

If the minor’s parents are divorced or separated, the person with legal custody must accompany the child to a consular interview. Legal custody documents should be brought to an interview, if available. If you do not have these documents or do not know the whereabouts of your child’s father or mother, you can still apply for a visa for your child.

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