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Electronic Turkish visas are official documents that allow entry into the country. Through an online application form, citizens of eligible countries can quickly obtain a Turkey e-Visa. The Turkey eVisa allows qualified tourists to submit their applications with just an internet connection. An applicant must submit certain personal data to obtain an online visa for Turkey, including:

  • Full name as written in their passport
  • date of birth and address
  • Passport information, including date of issue and expiry

The processing time for an online Turkey visa application is 24 hours. The e-Visa is sent to the applicant’s email address after acceptance. Entry passport control officers check the status of the Turkish eVisa against their database. However, applicants must travel with a physical or electronic copy of their Turkish visa.

Turkey visa application

You must follow specific processes to apply for a Turkey visa application. Be sure to accurately complete each one in the prescribed order. Your application may be refused if you make the slightest mistake, which could influence subsequent applications. Learn some information about applying for a Turkey visa in your country before you start making firm decisions. First, determine if you even need a visa. If so, read the rest of this article for more details.

  • Check the type of Turkish visa you need to obtain.
  • Find out when to apply.
  • Check Turkey visa application location.
  • Gather the necessary papers.
  • Application to submit

Turkey visa for US citizens

Turkey offers a transparent and simple Turkish visa process for US citizens. US nationals must complete the online e-Visa application form to obtain a Turkey e-Visa. The application asks for the basic personal information of the traveler, their passport information and information about their planned trip to Turkey.

The e-Visa associated with the traveler’s passport will be checked by border officials upon arrival in Turkey. Bring a printed copy of the e-Visa with you so you can show it to border officials if needed.

Information needed to apply for an e-Visa for US Citizens for Turkey.

US nationals must provide the following details and documents to apply online for a Turkey e-Visa:

  • The passport is valid for at least 60 days after the intended stay in Turkey.
  • Registration email address to receive the authorized online tourist visa for Turkey.
  • Turkey e-Visa fees using a credit or debit card.
  • Travelers may also need to show more evidence.
  • To ensure the authenticity of the e-Visa, applicants should ensure that the information entered on the application is accurate and fully matches the information on their travel document/passport.
  • Within 180 days from the date of issue of the electronic visa, the holder must travel to Turkey using the same passport used throughout the application procedure.
  • If the passport used to submit the e-Visa application is misplaced, stolen or destroyed, it will be necessary to apply for a new Turkey e-Visa using a new US passport. Also, if travel dates need to be changed, the tourist will need to apply for another e-Visa.

Turkey visa for Chinese citizens

Entry to Turkey requires an eVisa for Chinese passports. Only a select group of official passport holders are exempt from obtaining a visa and are allowed to stay in the country for 30 days. People with a Chinese passport need a visa to enter Turkey, even for short stays.

A Turkish visa for Chinese citizens can be obtained from China in two ways: online (preferred) or at the embassy. Chinese nationals must apply for a visa in advance; they cannot get one when they arrive in Turkey. The use of the electronic visa system is encouraged for Chinese visitors. E-visa applications are processed online; applicants do not need to visit the Turkish Embassy in China.

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