U.S. Embassy Calls for Immediate Evacuation of All Americans in Russia


The US mission in Russia has ordered its citizens to leave Vladimir Putin’s country immediately as the military campaign in Ukraine intensifies.

In a statement released Sunday, the US Embassy pointed out that several countries had closed their airspace to Russia in an effort to sanction the nation for invading Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

However, he urged citizens to take advantage of commercial flight options still available for immediate evacuation.

“U.S. citizens should consider leaving Russia immediately through the still available business options,” the security alert reads in part.

The U.S. Embassy also cautioned Americans against travel to Russia during this critical time, noting that “the State Department’s travel advisory level for Russia is ‘Level 4: Do Not to travel “.

The statement which urged Americans to carry proper identification including a US passport with a valid Russian visa at all times, further advised citizens to have a contingency plan that does not depend on the United States government.

The United States has led a global charge imposing far-reaching and hard-hitting sanctions on Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. Already, the American president has announced the freezing of Russian assets on his soil, including those of the largest Russian banks.

Mr Putin has threatened that any country interfering with his military invasion and fearing US interests will be targeted in retaliation.


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