U.S. Embassy Explores Ways to Reduce Long Wait Times for Visa Interviews


The United States Embassy in Georgetown reported today that it continues to explore ways to creatively reduce wait times for visa interviews.

The statement came in response to questions from News Source Guyana about continuing long wait times for visa interviews for non-immigrant visitor visas.

In its response to News Source, the embassy said its consular section is carefully monitoring wait times and continuing to add appointments as much as possible.

The embassy noted that earlier this year, the State Department temporarily authorized consular officials to waive in-person interviews for some student and exchange visitor visa applicants.

“Guyanese nationals or residents who are renewing a visitor (B1/B2) or transit (C1/D) visa previously issued in Guyana, which expired within the last 48 months, may also be eligible for a “maintenance waiver”, with a shorter waiting time,” the embassy statement noted.

Some visa applicants have had waiting times that in some cases stretch for more than a year. People who apply for their visitor visa at this time are given appointment dates in 2024.

A recent report from Bloomberg News revealed that the Guyana Embassy has the longest wait time for a visa interview in the world.

The report raises questions about whether the long wait time has led to a drop in visitor arrivals to the United States.

Some travel agents are concerned as the issue of visa delays appears to be global and follows the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous restrictions that have crippled the travel industry.


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