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There are no more visa appointments at the U.S. Embassy Trinidad for 2022, so beware of social media scammers offering to get early appointments.

In a press release on its Facebook page, the US Embassy explained the cancellations and delays in getting appointments, and urged people not to fall victim to these scams.

“The United States Embassy in Port of Spain wishes to warn the public about scammers offering to obtain advance visa appointments. The embassy currently has no B1/B2 tourist visa appointments available for 2022,” the embassy said.

“Do NOT hire a third party offering to expedite or obtain a US visa – these are scams,” he added.

The Express understands that many of those applying for visa renewals are frustrated.

One person told the Express that since October last year, she had been given an appointment to renew her children’s visas this month.

However, she received an email from the consular section of the embassy saying that the appointment was canceled and another appointment had to be made.

She said that when she applied for another appointment, the next available date was January 2023.

The Express was told many were disappointed as travel restrictions eased and families looked forward to traveling for the July-August school holidays.

Frustrated candidates

The question of why there are cancellations and delays when it comes to visa appointments was addressed by the Embassy in the Facebook post:

“Question: My visa interview was originally scheduled for April 2020, but my appointment has been canceled five or six times! Why does obtaining a visa take so long?

Answer: The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy Port of Spain understands that many of you remain frustrated with the long wait for nonimmigrant visa interviews and ongoing interview cancellations. As global travel rebounds from the pandemic, the Consular Section remains committed to safely and efficiently reintroducing appointments for the full range of nonimmigrant visas. During the pandemic, many appointments have been canceled on an ongoing basis until we can open for routine interviews.

We are aware that since we reintroduced routine visa processing in March, applicants have struggled to book appointments and faced extended wait times for visa interviews. This situation is not unique to Trinidad and Tobago. The consular sections of our embassies and consulates around the world are dealing with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

In fact, the U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain has one of the shortest wait times for visa interviews in the Caribbean! All applicants should always expect longer than normal wait times. We remain committed to reducing these wait times as quickly as possible. Regular updates on estimated wait times are available at

As the Consular Section is dealing with an unprecedented increase in visa applications, we may need to cancel appointments to allow us to process the unprecedented backlog of applications currently pending. We are actively seeking solutions for those who have experienced multiple interview cancellations and we understand your frustration. We ask for your patience as we deal with this issue as quickly and safely as possible for our candidates and staff.

If you have an urgent emergency trip to the United States, you can request an expedited appointment by first scheduling the first available appointment. Once you have made an initial appointment, select the “Request an emergency” link on the request summary page, follow the instructions and provide a detailed explanation of the nature of your emergency. »


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