US issues record number of visas in past two years


A record number of visas were issued in 2020-2021 by U.S. embassies and consulates around the world. Almost all immigration measures show that fewer people from overseas have come to the United States since the pandemic.

COVID-19 regulations prompted the Department of State to issue 38% fewer immigrant visas in 2021 and 68% fewer nonimmigrant visas in 2020-2021 than in 2019. The United States issues nonimmigrant visas in all categories each year, averaging 8.5 million to 10 million. According to data released by the US State Department, some 4,013,210 nonimmigrant visas were issued in 2020 and 2,792,083 in 2021 in the same category.

While some 8,742,068 nonimmigrant visas were issued in 2019. In 2020, some 15,642 nonimmigrant visas were issued to Pakistani nationals by the United States Embassy in Islamabad and 10,127 by the United States Consulate in Karachi, up from 21,356 and 16,476 respectively in 2019.

The number of nonimmigrant visas issued in other years is significantly higher than these two years. For example, 8,742,068 visas were issued in 2019 and 9,028,026 in 2018. and some 9,681,913 were issued in 2017. Classes of immigrant visas issued at U.S. Foreign Service posts, some 240,526 visa d immigrants were issued in 2020 and 285,069 in 2021 compared to 462,422 visas in 2019.

The main reason for the decrease in visa issuance in 2020 and 2021 was the closure of US Embassies and Consulates Visakhapatnam Services around the world due to the pandemic (COVID-19).

Meanwhile, diplomatic missions continued to issue only emergency-type visas at a limited level. According to the US State Department, “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Posts were instructed to suspend routine visa services and provide only mission-essential and emergency services in late March. 2020.

This has had a significant impact on the provision of services related to immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Posts were only able to resume limited services on a post-by-post basis from July 2020, as local conditions permitted. »


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