VIDEO: Show promoter calls singer Portable after embassy officials denied him a visa for speaking to them in Yoruba


A show promoter says that after investing heavily to organize the event, Portable ruined it with her display at the embassy which cost her the visa

By Ishaya Ibrahim, Editor-in-Chief

Controversial music star Portable was denied an entry visa to an undisclosed country for speaking to consulate officials in the Yoruba language, according to a promoter of the show who posted a video of rant on his Instagram page.

Portable, born Habeeb Okikiola on March 12, 1994, became a famous singer after starring in the song ZaZu Zehh.

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The show’s promoter in the video said she had invested so much money to organize the event, only for Mobile to mess it up with her display at the embassy, ​​causing officials to deny her the show. Visa.

Portable came into the limelight after contributing the song “ZaZoo Zehh” featuring Olamide and Nigerian dancer Poco Lee.

But the controversial music star has become more famous for her rant. In his early days of fame, he was well known for calling out his business partners on social media, claiming they had scammed him over business deals such as artist management.


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On July 18, 2022, Portable made a video on Instagram claiming to be the founder of notorious cult band One Million Boys. Nigerian police have ordered that he be investigated for the complaint. He later denied any involvement with the One Million Boys group, saying he meant he had a million followers. This led to him being disqualified for The Headies 2022 which was announced by the organizers on July 26, 2022.

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