Vietnam Embassy in Germany works to resolve passport issues


VIETNAM, July 31 –

BERLIN — The Việt Nam Embassy in Germany announced on Friday that it is ready to issue confirmation in German of the place of birth of Vietnamese citizens using a new passport, in case they need it to present it to German authorities.

New Việt Nam passports, issued since July 1, are temporarily not recognized by Germany because they lack birthplace information. Vietnamese and German authorities are actively working to solve the problem.

The confirmation issued by the Embassy aims to facilitate Vietnamese citizens in Germany to obtain residence permits and complete other administrative procedures.

According to Chu Tuấn Đức from the embassy, ​​the issuance of new passports will continue to be done with the attachment of an associated birthplace certificate.

The German Embassy in Việt Nam informed on July 27 that the new Việt Nam passports, the issuance of which began on July 1, are temporarily not recognized in Germany due to technical factors. Therefore, holders will not receive visas to enter Germany.

The German Embassy also recommends those who have already obtained a visa not to enter Germany at this time, as they may be refused entry at the border. —VNS


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