Work visa approval process will be simplified to enter China : AmCham China


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The visa process for employees and their family members of US companies entering China will be simplified, the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China) announced on Friday. This came after a number of Chinese embassies and foreign affairs offices recently issued notices on improving visa policies for foreigners.

AmCham China has confirmed that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the process of removing the requirement to obtain a PU letter, or an invitation letter, before applying for certain types of visas at relevant Chinese embassies or consulates in abroad, according to a notice sent by AmCham China to its members seen by the Global Times on Friday.

“This will simplify the visa process for many of our members and their dependent families,” AmCham China said.

Currently, only a handful of Chinese embassies around the world, including Indonesia and South Korea, have posted notices on their websites to this effect, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed to AmCham. China that this policy will soon be rolled out globally. the chamber expects it to be announced by the Chinese Embassy in the United States and elsewhere in the coming days.

Certain categories of foreign travelers will no longer be required to apply for a PU letter from Monday, including foreigners with a valid Foreign Work Permit Notification Letter and their dependents – spouse and children under 18 years, China Briefing reported Tuesday, citing sources. .

A PU letter is issued by the relevant foreign office and a document that foreigners must receive before applying for several types of visas to enter China. The administrative fee for each PU letter request is 7,000 yuan ($1,099).

Foreign nationals coming to China for other reasons, including business (M) visas, will still need to apply for a PU letter, which “can be done through the AmCham China Fast-Track Travel Channel program,” it said. AmCham China.

The Fast-Track Travel Channel program went into effect on January 6, 2022, making it easier for American business people and their families to travel to China amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The American business community in China welcomes this development, which comes after strong lobbying by AmCham China at all levels of relevant Chinese government officials, most recently during our meetings with Premier Li Keqiang and Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao,” said Colm Rafferty, Chairman. from AmCham China on Friday to members of AmCham China.

There are reports that more flights between the United States and China will soon be approved, Rafferty added.

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